Be Smart Kids: Cloud supports Google Sign-in

April 9, 2016

Google Sign-in for Be Smart Kids: Cloud

Signing and enrolling into Be Smart Kids: Cloud just got much easier. New users who want to use Be Smart Kids: Cloud for the can use their Google account to enroll into our amazing online version of Be Smart Kids with only a few clicks.

Instead of creating an account and having to write down another username and password, Google account owners can use their Google login details to access Be Smart Kids: Cloud.

Here are the benefits:

  • Signing in the first time means less typing.
  • After you login to your Google account your account is automatically created.
  • Fewer usernames and passwords to remember.
  • Secure. If we are hacked, your Google password is not exposed because we do not keep it on hand.
  • Privacy is guarded. We only need your public Google information and your Google email address to create your account.

Just click on the Google Sign-in buttons to begin.

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