Be Smart Kids is Starting Education Early and Sees Benefits

Start Early – Stay Ahead!

The key to smart children is starting education early. Our process begins as early as 12 to 18 months. Whether you begin at age 18 months or 4 years, it is important to begin early.

Be Smart Kids produces the necessary tools that wire the brain of a young child during the early years when the window of opportunity for learning is greatest, 0-6 years. Most early learning software produced will not give a child the necessary tools to maximize this early learning potential. To build lifelong learning skills, young minds need so much more that ABC’s and 123’s.

Be Smart Kids teaches more than ABC’s and 123’s. We give children lifelong learning skills. BSK teaches children How to Learn .

Be Smart Kids educators merged science, technology and best teaching practices to build a unique process that addresses the window of opportunity for learning during the early years.


Be Smart Kids software has proven to be effective in helping young children develop strong minds. Students who have used Be Smart Kids have tested in the 99th National Percentile and have reading and math scores as much as 3 grade levels above their peers.

What is the difference between Be Smart Kids and other early learning software?

The difference is Be Smart Kids’ Unique Methodology, built right into the software. Our fun, learning, interactive exercises are strategically placed in lesson plans that build one concept on top of another. This allows for the child to build math and reading skills through a natural progression.

Our learning exercises use the Four Senses: Sight, Sound, Voice, and Touch , to stimulate the young mind. The child Sees the symbols, Hears the sounds, Says the sounds and reinforces through Touch.


Unstimulated Brain
Unstimulated Brain
Stimulated Brain
Stimulated Brain


There is proven scientific evidence that the more the brain is used at an early age in the proper way, the more the brain will be wired for learning that will last a lifetime.


Be Smart Kids offers..

  • 750+ learning activities & 4 levels.
  • Designed to provide many years of learning
  • Motor skills
  • Spatial/Visual skills
  • Memory
  • Follow direction
  • Attention span
  • Social/Emotional skills
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Language
  • Math and logic
  • Second language
  • History
  • Science

…and much more – in only 30 minutes per week. Be Smart Kids builds all educational concepts up through the 1st Grade. Children learn at their own pace. Research shows “Be Smart Kids” perform an average of 3 grades levels above their peers.


The Bottom Line

If you order Be Smart Kids, you will be giving your child an educational advantage. Starting early develops a strong mind for future learning.

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