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Be Smart Kids: Cloud

Be Smart Kids online


  • Nothing to install
  • Uses your internet browser
  • For Mac and Windows
  • Free for one month, pay as you go
  • Teaches key concepts
  • Reading, Math, Science and more
  • See the details!

$79.99 USD / Year

Be Smart Kids: Home & Professional

Be Smart Kids: The Box

$258.00 USD

Download Be Smart Kids

Be Smart Kids:

Guaranteed 3 years access.
Guaranteed to work

Be Smart Kids:
Mac OS X

Guaranteed 3 years of access.
Guaranteed to work

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Download Be Smart Kids

Download Be Smart Kids immediately after you order! As soon as you are finished ordering, we’ll give you the links
you need to get your software the fast and easy way.

Why Three Years?

Most Children will complete the Be Smart Kids program in less than three years. We guarantee access and support for the program for a full three years. NOTE: the program may last longer than three years; however, we cannot guarantee support for longer than three years. We have found that this policy prevents piracy but has no effect on our customers.

Guarantee and Returns

30 Day Technical Guarantee – We guarantee the software to run on your computer, or your money back if you cannot get it to install within 30 days of your order.

1 Year Benefits Guarantee – Because Be Smart Kids is a progressive learning system, sometimes the results can take time to see. However, we are so sure of the results, we’ll refund your order if you have not seen results within one year of ordering. All you need to do is follow our process of teaching. Our process is easy to follow, too!

Want your Download as a Gift?

Do you want to give Be Smart Kids as a gift for someone special? We make it easy. After you order, you’ll have the option
to print a gift card that you can give to anyone. The card has simple instructions for downloading Be Smart Kids. Just give
that card to your loved one!


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