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Be Smart Kids: Cloud is…

  • Online Access to the essentials of the Be Smart Kids program
  • A Yearly Subscription
  • Works on Windows PCs and Mac OS X
  • A big savings for families with older children
  • No need to install! Convenient for homes without a dedicated computer for the kids

Why a Subscription? Two Big Reasons…

You can download Be Smart Kids to keep for a lifetime at a great price. However, not everyone needs early educational software that long. Your kids will grow older and may no longer use Be Smart Kids (though the benefits will follow them forever). It may be more affordable to subscribe for a few years!

The kids will not need their own separate computer since Be Smart Kid: Cloud is online. Be Smart Kids: Cloud keeps track of your child’s progress, so moving between computers is easy. Just log in!

System Requirements

Be Smart Kids: Cloud needs…

  • High speed internet access.
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • A modern browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • We recommend a fast computer, but the software runs well on even slower computers.

Our “No Nag” Subscription

We know the other guys make it a pain to cancel a subscription. We also understand that customers don’t like their credit card information stored online. That is why we have a friendly online system that does not keep your card number. When the time is up, we hope you’ll renew; but if you don’t we won’t hassle you. If you decide to continue, simply renew!

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