Since the 1990 there has been a massive amount of research that confirms a child’s early years are critical to his intellectual development.  “Windows of opportunity” have been identified as particular time periods in which a child can best learn or enhance particular skills or even correct learning deficiencies.  One thing everyone agrees on is the early years have a tremendous impact on how a child learns and processes information the rest of his life.

As parents and caregivers, your earliest interactions with the child have an influence on her brain development.   You may not be aware, but many of the things to enhance brain development you do instinctively as loving parents.   However, there may be things that are critical in which you are totally unaware.     It is very important for you to educate yourself on the critical stages of brain development because the “windows of opportunity” are so short and once closed are closed forever.

The first stage of development is from BIRTH TO 6 MONTHS.  Brain growth during this period is unmatched.  The most critical windows during this stage are vision, hearing, language, and emotional development.  It is important to pay attention to vision and emotions during this period because the windows shut so early.  For example, certain eye problems not corrected in the first six months can cause permanent impairment.

Donna Blevins, Teacher & Founder of Be Smart Kids

The Be Smart Kids Process was built to address the various stages of brain development.