1. What is the Be Smart Kids Curriculum?
  2. What are the System Requirements?
  3. How do you test or take assessments?
  4. What is the “Learning Methodology?”
  5. What Is The Greatest “Window Of Opportunity” For Learning?
  6. What is “Hard-Wiring the Brain?”
  7. What About Genetics? Isn’t Intelligence Determined At Birth?
  8. Why Shouldn’t I Build My Own Curriculum?
  9. How Does Be Smart Kids Differ From Other Software?
  10. License Agreement



Most of the “foundation-building” takes place between the ages of 0-5. How a person’s brain was stimulated in the early years directly affects how they learn and process information for the rest of their life. This is a critical time for learning! Be Smart Kids utilizes this ‘window of opportunity’ with scientific methods to maximize a child’s learning potential.


Be Smart Kids will teach your child the skills they need (reading, math, and more). However, there is a greater goal here, which is to make learning come natural for the rest of his or her life. Our process uses “hard-wiring.” When we stimulate the brain of the young child and when the neurons fire often enough, a permanent connection is formed. The more connections, the more work the brain can do. It’s the greatest learning potential of a person’s life and the foundation for all future learning.


Genes are the basic blueprint; but it is the early experiences that will determine how those genes are expressed. For example, experiences of abuse and neglect in a normal child may cause him/her to become cognitively deficient or have serious emotional difficulties. It is early experiences that will determine how your child develops intellectually. Brain development is influenced greatly by our method of early education, see our case study on autism.


Parents often try to pick the right combination of software to get a head start. However, there are several problems with this approach:

  1. Narrow Learning. Focusing on only one subject will lead to burnout and push back, making it difficult to achieve the goals of the software.
  2. Expense. Overcoming the narrow learning will require you to purchase multiple products that focus on more subjects over the years.
  3. Efficiency. If you intend to use the multiple products, review and repetition is difficult when you have to open and switch between several programs.
  4. Difficult Planning. You’ll need to review each program hoping to find all the materials it will take to lay the foundation and to stimulate all areas of the brain.

There are building blocks to brain-wiring missed by other “custom built” programs that Be Smart Kids gets right. There are also techniques and methods that are incorporated in order to insure the maximum learning potential that are built into the Be Smart Kids learning system.

Be Smart Kids dedicated 20 years teaming with children, parents, teachers, and technicians bringing all the parts of the curriculum together to maximize the brain-wiring in one product.  The “window of opportunity” is too short to spend time building this yourself.  It is important to remember that experiences actually change the structure of the brain in the early years.  Those neural networks stimulated over time will be strengthened, while those not reinforced will be dropped.  Be Smart Kids has done the job for you.  In our one-on-one process of lesson plans, you will only have to spend 30 minutes a week to get maximum brain-wiring results.  Watching television and playing games will not do the job of early brain development.


Be Smart Kids was developed by educators who spent 20 years in research and development working with thousands of children.

  1. The program is a one-on-one process that focuses on developing the brain during the early years.
  2. Be Smart Kids includes activities that result in adult bonding with the child. Those experiences, scientists tell us, are necessary for positive brain development and are the building blocks for all future learning.
  3. Because of the research and the many years of our involvement, we know the process works.  It makes children smarter.
  4. It is extremely beneficial for children who have learning deficiencies, especially autism and speech. It has also been used successfully with children who have English as a Second Language and as a remedial tool.
  5. The program is easy to follow since it is built into lesson plans.  While many educators use our product, we built it for parents because parents are a child’s first teacher.