Level 1

Level 1 teaches upper and lowercase letter identification, tracing, letter sequencing, phonics, vocabulary and language skills, number identification, counting, number sequencing, shapes, colors and music. This program develops motor skills, builds spatial/visual skills, elongates the attention span and helps youngsters to follow directions.

Level 2

Level 2 further enhances language, vocabulary and math skills as well as spatial/visual skills, motor skills and attention span. Also included in this series is a concentration on lowercase letters and beginning sounds, letter and number sequencing, rhyming words, counting, number words, shades of colors, shapes. A child is also introduced to Spanish, sign language, addition, character building and Kindergarten programs.

Level 3

Level 3 develops the child’s skills in phonics and math and logic. A child works with beginning, middle and ending consonant sounds, short vowels, vocabulary building, number identification 0-30, higher counting, addition and subtraction, sequencing, music, patterns, character building, Spanish, sign language, Kindergarten concepts, basic history, and reading skills.

Level 4

Level 4 focuses on beginning reading. Language skills include beginning, ending and middle consonant sounds, short and long vowels, spelling, vocabulary, sounding out words, reading and writing. Math skills include addition and subtraction, higher counting, place value, ordinal numbers, time and money.

Be Smart Kids provides assessments for determining when a child is ready to advance to the next level of the curriculum. Assessments should also be used to determine where in the Be Smart Kids program a child should be placed. The learning system is made up of levels and sub-levels. Each sub-level, with the exception of Level 1, is made of ten lesson plans (Level 1 has five lesson plans). At the end of level (Level 1, Level 2A, level 2B, level 3A, etc.), an assessment should be made.