License Agreement

Your purchase is subject to the Be Smart Kids, Inc. Software License Agreement, which is set forth in full HERE and which must be accepted during the purchase and download process.

The license governs the terms and conditions of your use of the Be Smart Kids software, and is a “user” license for the object code. Please reference the licenses agreement for all terms and conditions.

NOTE: During the duration of the license you are entitled to only two (2) downloads of the software program. Additional downloads may be provided on a needs or fee basis, in the sole discretion of Be Smart Kids]. {NOTE: “Use” means loading the Software in temporary memory or permanent storage on the computer.}

Please reference the software license agreement for all rights and terms. The Software is protected by United States copyright laws and other relevant laws of the United States, individual states within the United States, international treaties, and the applicable laws of other countries.

NOTE: no laws, within or without the United States, may grant or confer any license or other interest in the software other than the terms and conditions contained in the Be Smart Kids Software License Agreement.