Sometimes you would rather have a physical copy. We understand! That is why we offer the option to “Get the Box!” You’ll get a USB Stick and the Teaching Guide Booklet. You’ll also a Parents’ Guide & you can also download it today (you’ll get a physical copy and a download link)!

All this is only $29 more than the standard download price! The booklets will easily pay for the small price difference, and you get free shipping.


  • Be Smart Kids USB stick
  • USB includes both Mac and PC versions
  • Free Shipping!
  • Parents’ Guide Booklet
  • Teaching Guide Booklet
  • We’ll email you a download code for each box set you order, too! You’ll get both the option to download while you wait for the box to come in the mail!

Be Smart Kids: USB + Box (Mac + PC)

$258.00 USD



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