Get the USB and Box

Get the Professional Box

You’ll get a USB Stick and the Teaching Guide Booklet. You’ll also a Parents’ Guide & you can also download it today! These are beautifully printed booklets for parents and teachers that will help you get more out of the Be Smart Kids process.

The physical box, booklets and usb stick for Be Smart Kids Professionals


  • Be Smart Kids USB stick
  • Free Shipping!
  • Parents’ Guide Booklet
  • Teaching Guide Booklet
  • USB includes both Mac and PC versions
  • Internet not required*
  • 3 years of use guaranteed

How does the “Three Years” Work?

The Three years access is intended for home users only. Be Smart Kids: Pro is a time based program, designed to work on a single computer with enough time built in for three children over three years. If you are not teaching professionally, we’ll provide a serial number that will give your program enough time to use the program to last you three years.

  • Home Use
    • Most children will complete the Be Smart Kids program in less than three years
    • For three years, we will refill your time should you run out prematurely**
  • Professional use
    • Once you use up your built-in time you may order more time to teach more children
    • Contact us for details

NOTE: the program may last longer than three years; however, we cannot guarantee support for longer than three years. We have found that this policy prevents piracy but has no effect on our customers.

Professional Use

Professionals need a version of Be Smart Kids that will work without the internet. They also need to teach more than three children. If this is you, please reach out to us about purchasing more time to use for more children.

Guarantee and Returns

30 Day Technical Guarantee – We guarantee the software to run on your computer, or your money back if you cannot get it to install within 30 days of your order.

1 Year Benefits Guarantee – Because Be Smart Kids is a progressive learning system, sometimes the results can take time to see. However, we are so sure of the results, we’ll refund your order if you have not seen results within one year of ordering. All you need to do is follow our process of teaching.

** This is for home use only! We find the provided time is sufficient to make it for three years, however, we can reset your serial number to provide more time should you need. We limit the number of resets to 3 resets, anything beyond that is decided on a case by case basis. The program is time based to protect the value for users who use Be Smart Kids as a professional teaching tool. This license will only provide enough time to teach three kids for a three year period from the date of purchase.