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klrnBe Smart Kids mixes proven learning techniques with contemporary computer technology to produce smart kids. And there’s more than a decade of results. Real children; real proof that Be Smart Kids is today’s method for molding smart kids.

The foundation of this proven childhood development process, called Be Smart Kids, was established 1991, under the guidance of founder Donna Blevins, an educator, mother and grandmother, and supported by the intellect and input of a Board of renowned educators and childhood development specialists.

The Be Smart Kids electronic learning system is in America’s homes via CD Rom and the Internet! Yes, Be Smart Kids lets parents harness the computer to develop their own child’s love for learning.

About The Curriculum

The Be Smart Kids Learning System is an individualized, one-on-one learning development system that combines educational techniques and forward-edge computer technology with the intimate involvement of a child’s first and best teacher: the parent.  Be Smart Kids has proven that the confident combination of technique, technology and tender loving care are the keys to establishing positive learning patterns during a child’s critical period of brain development.

The Be Smart Kids e-learning system delivers a sequence of fun and effective lesson plans through CD Rom and o downloads. Lessons are disguised as fun, colorful, active online adventures in counting, identifying, tracing, sounding and singing words. Computer lessons are guided by an adult.  Each, a 30-minute session, depending upon your child’s attention span. (Be Kids enhances your child’s attention span, remember!)

Directed by Be Smart Kids assessment guides, a child’s parent can identify his or her child’s development and skill level.  Then parents can enter their child at the appropriate level in the Be Smart Kids curriculum.  Be Smart Kids has lesson modules relevant to children from twelve months old through six years old.

The multiple levels of lessons develop a child’s critical patterns of learning in areas of

  • Language
  • Vocabulary
  • Math and logic
  • Music
  • Spatial/visual skills
  • Motor skills
  • Emotional/social skills
  • Second languages

Fostering invaluable interaction between a parent and child is an added bonus of this extraordinary interactive learning system! Be Smart Kids methodology relies on the parent or other adult caregiver to lead the child’s exploration through the Be Smart Kids curriculum. A detailed printed guide and on-line support effortlessly pilot the parent through each week’s session.

Easy-to-understand guidelines and tips make it easy for adults to shine in their role as teacher. And pleasant positive reinforcement keeps both child and parent anticipating each week’s Be Smart Kids adventure!



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