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  • Educational Learning System for ages 1-6
  • Brain-wiring methods and techniques built into the curriculum
  • Meet and exceed federal and state educational guidelines for preschoolers
  • Children can excel as much as 4 grade levels above their classmates (see research)
  • Struggling students can surpass classmates when they become Be Smart Kids (see research)
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Be Smart Kids Stimulates All Areas of the brain and makes more connections

Be Smart Kids is a fun, computerized, one-on-one learning system that advances early brain development in children ages 1-6. The program has been around for 24 years and has proven to be very successful in learning centers, daycares, kindergartens and preschools. We have already helped thousands of children. Our mission is to provide this early learning opportunity to as many children as possible.


  • Language development,  speech development, vocabulary, math & logic, and music
  • Spatial/visual skills, fine motor skills, social & emotional skills, and reasoning skills
  • Language skills, reading skills, fine motor skills, memory skills, and problem solving
  • Creative expression, attention span,  character-building, and a love for learning
  • Second language (Spanish), history, science, spelling, health, and sign language

A child is born with 100 billion neurons. When the neurons fire often enough during the first 6 years of life, a permanent connection is made. The more connections become permanent, the more work the brain can do. This is what scientist call “hard-wiring the brain.” It is a time when we can get the maximum in rapid learning and is the foundation for all future learning. BE SMART KIDS INCORPORATES THE SCIENCE OF EARLY BRAIN WIRING INTO ITS CURRICULUM.

Learning and Brain Wiring Activities


  • Be Smart Kids is NOT just a collection of individual pieces of software. It incorporates scientific methods that are researched and proven.
  • Be Smart Kids contains teaching instructions, objectives, and tutorials for every activity.
  • Lessons are short—only thirty minutes. Too much time on the computer is not ideal for the very young child.
  • It is easy (follow the bouncing ball), engaging, fun, never frustrating– a bonding tool built for parent and child.
  • Positive reinforcement is the key and is built into the software.
  • Be Smart Kids is a lesson, but the child just thinks he/she is having fun.
  • Assessments are provided to guide you in your child’s progress.

Learning and Brain Wiring Activities

We use these principles:

  • One-on-One learning. Kids need you to be their first and best teacher.
  • Do not overstimulate. Lessons are short, no overstimulation for the young child.
  • Positive reinforcement. The memory of a young mind is optimal with positive, fun experiences.
  • No drills or reviews. Be Smart Kids has just the right mixture of repetition built into the curriculum. You only need to go through the activities in order.
  • Wide range of subjects.
  • Stimulates all areas of the brain.

Screenshots of BSK Cloud

Be Smart Kids includes 751 activities that are built into 75 progressive, fun, easy lesson plans. It requires only 30 minutes a week of instruction—no worry about over stimulation. The program contains teaching instructions, objectives, tutorials, and assessments. It wires the brain in a progressive manner in the areas of language, vocabulary, math & logic, reasoning skills, music, art, spatial/visual skills, computer skills, fine motor skills, social & emotional skills, character-building, second language, history, science, health, and sign language.


A study performed by Dr. Robert McElrath, former Tennessee Commission of Education, revealed that children who had participated in the program for more than 1 ½ years scored 3 to 4 years above their peers.

better results - grades ahead

Kindergarteners at West Pines Elementary School participated in a study. After one year, math and reading scores rose from the lowest of 11 schools to the second highest in Greene County, Tennessee.

Better Results

A Research study was preformed on preschool children at-risk versus children not at-risk. Only the at-risk children were given the Be Smart Kids program. In only one year, the at-risk children scores surpassed the children who were not at-risk.

 Improved scores
Autism, speech and ESL — many reports from educators show positive results on learning of children who have autism, speech and ESL. Formal research on this matter is planned.



Be Smart Kids and well known users

The 1990’s are now termed “The Decade of the Brain.” This was a time when new insights into early brain development arrived on the scene. I was intrigued by the various discoveries being made. Having been a former elementary and high school teacher, it occurred to me that by combining the science of early brain development (age 0-6), the use of technology and good teaching practices, it might be possible to enhance children educational skills. I had always believed that we must prepare rather than constantly repairing our children, and I envisioned a way of making this happen so that every child could have an equal opportunity at a quality education. This became my mission and has continued for the last 24 years… Continue Reading



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