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Donna Blevins has been honored by the Tennessee State Legislature for her work in early childhood education. After extensive research and software development, she founded Be Smart Kids in 1998, and is the CEO and Chairman of the board.

Ms. Blevins recognized the importance of preschool programs as a result of experiences in government, community and teaching that brought her close to the myriad of teaching, social and financial problems in the American educational system. The Be Smart Kids program, a weekly half-hour computer session for preschoolers that “wires” their brains at the most important point in the child’s life, has a proven track record of phenomenal results. Students who have used Be Smart Kids have tested in the 99 th national percentile and have reading and math scores as much as three grade levels above their peers.

The company also licenses the use of its learning systems and trains teachers for private and public day care, preschool and elementary school settings. Ms. Blevins has taught at the elementary, secondary and adult education levels. Her motto is, “We must prepare rather than repair and give every child an equal opportunity at a quality education.”

February 6, 2005

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