February 6, 2008

Donna Blevins, a mother of three, former teacher, and public official, observed the challenges of the American educational system and resolved to devote herself to improving it. Applying the latest research on early childhood learning and brain development, she began working on her home computer in 1991 to create a unique educational program. The result […]

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Texas Public Education Reform Foundation Summit

February 16, 2007

Speech by: Donna Blevins, Founder and CEO of Be Smart Kids I wish to thank the Texas Public Education Reform Foundation for inviting me to speak here today. Why are we here? We’re here because we are concerned about the quality of education and the impact it will have on our children’s lives. Education is […]

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Blevins Speaks To Texas Education Conference On ‘Be Smart Kids’ Success Teaching Youngest

February 6, 2007

Donna Blevins, chairman and CEO of Greeneville-based Be Smart Kids, a company that provides computer software for early-childhood education, was among the speakers at a major educational conference held recently in Austin, Texas. Blevins was one of the invited speakers at the Texas Public Education Reform Foundation’s 2007 Statewide Education Summit, which was held on […]

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House Resolution No. 384: Commending Be Smart Kids & Founder

June 1, 2005

Reading from the resolution, Yokley said, “Donna Blevins believed that ‘if America’s children are going to compete in the world market, we are going to have to do a better job with education,’ and began working on her home computer in 1991 to create a unique educational program to combine proven teaching methods and computer-aided technology to stimulate the human brain (among young children) when learning capabilities are optimal.”

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West Pines Program

February 6, 2005

Blevins and Jancie Painter, a leader of Kids Can, Inc., thanked the Kiwanis Club for having provided $1,800 to fund a special educational program for 20 “high-risk” children –10 in Head Start and 10 in kindergarten — at West Pines Elementary School. Kids Can is a non-profit organization that reaches out to local at-risk children […]

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Donna Blevins has been honored by the Tennessee State Legislature for her work in early childhood education. After extensive research and software development, she founded Be Smart Kids in 1998, and is the CEO and Chairman of the board. Ms. Blevins recognized the importance of preschool programs as a result of experiences in government, community […]

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USA Today

By Bill Meyers USA Today TODAY’S ENTREPRENEURS: PROFILES OF SMALL BUSINESSES Nobody knows how she came up with the revolutionary ideas that could change the way children are educated in the USA. “They just popped into my head,” says Donna Blevins, the 60-year-old former-teacher-turned-entrepreneur. “And I really wanted to do something positive.” “God speaks to […]

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White House Considers Blevins’ ‘Be Smart Kids’

September 4, 2004

The Greeneville Sun Press release September 4, 2004 Donna Blevins, founder of Be Smart Kids Learning System, a Greeneville-based computer-aided learning process, recently met at the White House with members of President George W. Bush’s education team. Blevins was invited to meet with President Bush’s chief domestic policy advisors to report on the effectiveness of […]

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