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Be Smart Kid's new low price ends November 10! The price will return to $399.95. Order now to take advantage of the low price while it's here.

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Download Be Smart Kids

Download Be Smart Kids immediately after you order! As soon as you are finished ordering, we'll give you the links you need to get your software the fast and easy way.

Giving Be Smart Kids to Someone?

Do you want to give Be Smart Kids as a gift for someone special? We make it easy. After you order, you'll have the option to print a gift card that you can give to anyone. The card has simple instructions for downloading Be Smart Kids. Just give that card to your friend.

Help and Tips for Installing Be Smart Kids

Don't worry about anything. Installing Be Smart Kids is simple, even if you hate computers. Most of the process is automatic! All you have to do is click on a few buttons. After you order, we'll give you detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Below is an over view of the process.

  1. Purchase Be Smart Kids Securely. Just click on the product "Buy Now" button above.
  2. After your purchase, you will be given a link to download Be Smart Kids. Click on it.
  3. After the software downloads, open the file and double click on the installer program.

After Be Smart Kids is Installed, it will open automatically. Enter your child's name and they are ready to start learning!