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Testing by Tennessee Commissioner of Education

Dr. Robert McElrath, former Tennessee Commissioner of Education, performed a study of young children who have been involved in the Be Smart Kids Learning System, using the Terra Nova test to measure the children’s development.

Terra Nova Test Data: Random Sample
of Be Smart Kids Students

100% of Be Smart Kids students enrolled in the first grade, who had been in the Be Smart Kids program for a minimum of 2.5 years, ranked in the 98th percentile.

Study on At-risk Students

The Be Smart Kids Learning System demonstrated immediate and dramatic results in a direct comparison of “before & after” test scores in a single semester. Read more.

Better Results

*Note that these scores on school required examinations.

The Children’s Center Research Project

Below are the test scores of students from the Holston United Methodist Home for Children in Greeneville, Tennessee, where the Be Smart Kids program was evaluated for one year. The study was conducted by the Departments of Education and Psychology at Tusculum University, with assistance from Kids Can, Inc. (a nonprofit organization established to benefit at-risk children).

The Brigance Test was used as the instrument for the pretest/posttest for the two – (6) month periods of evaluation.

By the end of the first year, the Be Smart Kids (Experimental Group’s) scores had surpassed the Control’s Group’s scores.

Experimental Group

Experimental Group
The experimental group used Be Smart Kids and showed significantly higher scores then the group who did not use Be Smart Kids.

Control Group

Control Group

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