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pexels-photo“An excellent program. . . I would give it a 10 on a 10-point scale.”

“BSK has helped Charlee learn how to learn. . .I know that BSK stimulates her mind to think and she uses that in everything she does all day long.”

“Chelsea won the principal’s award for reading 15 books last year. She is so advanced for her age that her teacher has asked her to do research for book reports on the Internet. I feel that BSK helped her to do all of this. . .”

“. . .if all kids were on the level of most of the ones coming out of Be Smart Kids, our future as a country ahead of the rest would be in the bag”

“Matthew had brain tumor surgery and has excelled with BSK . . .Physicians say that without Be Smart Kids, he wouldn’t be where he is today.”

Stories from Customers

Max’s story

Max always looks forward to his BSK lessons. He enjoys personal attention, praise and activities. I think starting him at an early age has helped with his speech development and attention span. I have watched him progress from learning shapes and colors to phonics and simple addition. Be Smart Kids has developed a program that makes learning fun on a week to week basis and has certainly helped with his development.

Nicole’s story

Nicole began the program when she was 18 months old. Now, a year and a half later, we can really see the benefits of the instruction. She can count into the 30s, write her own name and has a tremendous vocabulary. She enjoys the mazes and quickly figures out any in her workbooks we use at home. Her logic and reasoning are advanced. She puts puzzles together easily that are beyond her age group. Nicole really enjoys her Be Smart Kids time!

Taylor’s story

Taylor started with BSK at the early age of 2 1/2. By the time she started school she was well advanced. In 1st grade she was reading on 4th grade level and doing math problems on a 3rd grade level. She scored a 98 percentile on her T-Caps which were given in April of last year by the school system. Taylor just turned 7 in August and was tested gifted. Taylor is a product of BSK. Their program has caused most academic areas to come naturally. Most of all it has given her confidence that will last her a lifetime.

Wesley’s story

Wesley began Be Smart Kids at age 2½. Learning has been made fun. He excels in all areas, especially in the fields of math and science. Wesley is in second grade and he can already do long multiplication and division and is working with fractions. Be Smart Kids is responsible for his overall academic progress. He is allowed to proceed at his own pace and interest. He is currently in the school system’s gifted program and has a true love for learning. I credit the Be Smart Kids program with providing the roots for all areas of Wesley’s academic success.

pexels-photo-1Amelia’s Story

When I began using the Be Smart Kids program over the internet, my daughter Amelia was 13 months old. In the 2 months we’ve been going through the BSK lessons, Amelia can now identify at least 16 letters! (A, B, F, G, H, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, T, U, V, and W) We have faithfully sat down most every morning after breakfast to do her BSK lessons and her attention span has extended from about 5 minutes to about 15. Her hand coordination and her ability to follow directions has improved greatly. For instance, she cannot move the mouse and click at the same time, but she can do one or the other (click when you hold the mouse for her or move the mouse herself). She can also press a letter or an arrow key when you point it out to her and ask her to.

Amelia loves doing the lessons and when she sees the computer on (whether for her or us) she will drag her little booster chair over to the computer and ask to do her “Kids?? Kids??”. Her favorite lessons are blowing up the balloons, A is for Apple, and Letter fun with animals. She enjoys the graphics and often times we have to pause the lesson so she can kiss the kitty or Casey running the dog maze.

Each evening during her bath we have letters that stick on the side of the bathtub. It was here that my husband and I realized she knew and recognized so many letters. One evening we counted how many letters she could identify and we got the above list! We were amazed and credited the BSK lessons for her skill. Amelia has also become a champion letter identifier. I frequently wear Baylor t-shirts and she can identify most of the letters on my shirt. Only lately when I drove by Target I was shocked to hear Amelia in the back seat waving towards the sign saying “A! A! A!”

I would heartily recommend BSK to any parent who wants to help their child learn. The lessons are easy to work with and are designed in such a way as to make them more like playing with your child than a formal educational experience. The methodology and techniques have been developed, tested, and demonstrated to be effective by Donna and the BSK teachers. All the parent needs to do is to set aside a regularly scheduled time and play with their child! The advantages your child will gain will be great, if nothing else in the exposure to letters and numbers combined with one-on-one time with their parent.

Caroline’s story

Caroline began Be Smart Kids at age 1½. She has always had a love for computers and for learning. The self-confidence that she has gained from the program spills over into every aspect of her life. She eagerly and enthusiastically takes on new concepts. She wants to learn! At age 4, she is reading basic words and solving basic math equations. She cannot wait to attend Kindergarten next year.

whiteBuzzBeeCharlee’s Story

Charlee started at Be Smart Kids when she was 18 months old. At the time, she could recite the alphabet and count to five. Her vocabulary was already fairly large. After 3 sessions, she could count all the way to 12! Now, at 24 months she can count to 20 (30 with some help), counts backwards from 10-0, and she recognizes and can name most of the letters in the alphabet. She has learned colors and shapes and her vocabulary is tremendous. At her 24 month checkup, the doctor asked if she was putting 2 words together in a sentence. I had to laugh because she speaks in complete thoughts and paragraphs.

Be Smart Kids has provided her with the tools to learn and her mind is stimulated with the desire to learn. She is excited to go every week and has so much to tell me about what she did that day.

I admit, at first I was skeptical about what a child so young could possibly gain from such a program. Now, I tell everyone I know about it and am thrilled with the program and especially the instructors. It’s the best possible thing we could have done for Charlee and I look forward to seeing what she learns in the years to come.

Christa’s story

Christa has been in the program since she was two. Christa took a 15 minute session a week in day care until the age of three. At three she began attending a BSK Center where she had a 30-minute lesson a week. Christa entered Kindergarten this year. She is doing reading comprehension on a 2nd to 3rd grade level and can do double digit addition with carrying and double digit subtraction. In her Kindergarten class she helps other children with their letters, sounds and reading.

Hunter’s Story

I am very pleased with the progress Hunter has made at Be Smart Kids. He has begun to read and is above his grade level in Math. He initially started Be Smart Kids to help with his speech and articulation. He now speaks very well and has a good vocabulary. He was well prepared to begin Kindergarten and will be also for the first grade. It has definitely given him an advantage with learning!

girl_with_balloonsKendrick’s story

Kendrick is 3 years old and he has been a member of Be Smart Kids for a little over 5 months. Since becoming a member of this interactive program, he has learned and recognizes all of the alphabet and the sounds they make. Kendrick can count to 50 and has mastered basic computer skills. He is presently learning Spanish.

Kendrick was not talking much nor speaking in sentences. Be Smart Kids has made a difference in my son’s life as well as my husband’s and mine. Kendrick thinks the program is fun and loves to go to class. The one-on-one program has taught my son patience, as well as respect for himself and others.

Be Smart Kids, I would highly recommend to all parents. Thanks Be Smart Kids for a job well done working and teaching our leader for the future. I know Kendrick is ready for school and has the skills needed to excel in life.

Alex and Kerry’s Story

I have been bringing my grandsons to Be Smart Kids for almost a year. Alex is 6 now and Kerry is 9. The school that they attend in Clarksville, TN was telling me that the boys were having trouble with their basic skills, and in fact each had been held back one year. I needed help for them. I was introduced to Be Smart Kids by a friend who had a grandchild that attended. After meeting with the director and reviewing the program, I elected to enroll the boys. I was apprehensive, not because of what I felt the classes would do, but because of the rigors it would place on these two guys. In order for us to go to class, each Tuesday they leave school in Clarksville at three o’clock, ride for an hour and twenty minutes to be with their instructor for class, and then after supper with me, another hour and twenty minutes to get home. Pretty tough for two fellas after a full day in school.

Is it worth it? YES!

Kerry was told that he had a reading problem. After working with you he is reading phonetically and enjoying it. His other basic skills have also improved dramatically. Alex has shown growth in his numbers, reading, and speech. All areas that were causes for concern. But, as important as this is, the boys look forward to visiting Be Smart Kids. It is an event for them that is fun, rewarding, and gives them encouragement. They are learning to like learning. Sure, they get tired after a long day, but they have never said that they did not want to go. As a matter of fact, on occasions that we have had to miss a class, the question is, “Pawpaw, when do we get to go to two classes?”

Thank you Be Smart Kids. My boys are growing smarter and with better skills, things that will separate them from the others, because of you.


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Be Smart Kids has received accolades regarding its outstanding program. Read below for just a few testimonials from schools, libraries, learning centers, and “Head Start” programs.

We are sure you will be just as satisfied when you try it.

We use Be Smart Kids to challenge the gifted, help the average child to become above average and even for remediation for first and second grade students who just did not respond to instruction in a regular program.  We use the program as a supplementary program to re-enforce what is taught in the regular curriculum.  We believe in the program so much that we have placed it in public libraries for students to use in the evenings and on the weekend.

Ron Wilcox
Superintendent of Schools
Madison County North Carolina

Be Smart Kids has taken the young children enrolled in the Green Forest McCalep Christian Early Learning Center to a new level of learning and comprehension.  Our parents and staff have observed an increase in skills essential to developmental growth, such as self-confidence, motor skills, and independence.

We fully endorse Be Smart Kids.  The program establishes skills that are far beyond the initial skills of the average student enrolled in our Kindergarten program. Our student test scores are nationally above average, we believe as a result of Be Smart Kids.

Ralph E. White Sr.
Executive Director
Green Forest Community Development Corp.
Decatur, Georgia

Visit their site and view a their video about Be Smart Kids.

As an educator who has 33 years in public education (12 as superintendent of schools) and several additional years teaching ad-junct at the college/university level, I have not seen any program that has the power of Be Smart Kids.  In my professional opinion, its structure and application is absolutely the best conceived and most applicable of anything on the market today.  The program is designed to teach children in the same manner as a child learns to talk.  It is truly a practical approach to teaching the basic learning skills necessary in “preparing children to succeed in life.”

Earnest Walker, Ed.D.
Morristown, Tennesse

We feel that Be Smart Kinds has given our children a “head start” on education and academics they must obtain so young in their lives.  With so many challenges that children face today, we feel that Be Smart Kids is one of the most important partners we could have in trying to accomplish many of the goals of our program.  This includes improving the lives of children and families, and communities.  We hope this partnership can continue for years to come.

Karla Cochran, Director
UCHRA Van Buren County Head Start

A physician and mother of five wrote this:

I just wanted to let you know how much your program has meant to my family.  I am the mother of five.  I bought the program when my oldest had just turned 5 years old because I wanted her to learn how to read by the time she got to kindergarten.  My sister had told me that her boys had all been reading by the time they were six.  I had no idea that kids were expected to read so soon in their schooling.  The program was probably the most amazing learning tool I have ever invested in.  My Jane loved her “games”.  She wanted to play them all the time.  The recommended amount of time per session was supposed to be 20 minutes but I honestly could not tear Jane away from the computer.  She mastered her letters almost immediately and we just kept moving on at a dizzying pace.  Two years later, she is now in first grade and reads way beyond her years.  I literally had to keep pushing her teachers to give her challenging books to read because she was so far ahead of her classmates.  She would bring home “homework” books in kindergarten and literally read these books in under 60 seconds.  It was amazing.  She continues to achieve in school.  What is more, she LOVES to learn.  She thinks learning is fun and a game.  She is challenged by reading and writing and I can see nothing but continued academic achievement for her.  I attended the University of Notre Dame as an undergraduate.  It is currently ranked as the 18th best university in the country.  I have already told Jane she has to attend Notre Dame or get into one of the 17 colleges that are better than my alma mater.  And I say that just to give her a mindset that she is going to a great college and she is going to achieve.  But I already know Jane is destined for this.  You program gave her a love of learning and she will do much better than I did.  I am sure of that.

I have used this program with Jane’s younger brother and sister as well and started them out at even younger ages.  I have been even more astounded at their rate of learning the material.  These three kids actually fight over computer time to play their Be Smart Kids games.  It is absolutely amazing.  And when one child is playing one of the games, the other two will sit around the computer and watch.  Joe, my second, is reading third grade material as a kindergartner and Jessica is coming right along just now reading at age 3!!