The Right Way to Educate

For twenty years, Be Smart Kids has seen groundbreaking success in teaching young minds to soar. The proof is in the research. Kids who participate in our program are regularly two and three grade levels above their peers. Autistic and special needs children have seen enormous benefits, some even graduating at the top of their class years later!

Terra Nova Test Data: Random Sample of Be Smart Kids Students

  • No other program or app has this much potential.
  • No other program comes with the years of experience and research to prove our claims.
  • No other program makes it this easy to give a child a head start in life.

Leveraging on Nature

Brain Graphic

The brain is a super computer that will eventually contain more connections than there are stars in our galaxy.

Researchers have discovered children even at 6 months of age are able to do adding and subtracting, work grammatical and understand concepts of physics without ever being taught! These areas of the brain are setup from birth to think and work in specific ways.


Early education helps guarantee those connections get prime real estate in the brain. The young mind starts off with few connections between these areas, and develops them over time. We connect these areas at an early age, wiring the brain so it is efficient and fast. This makes learning come natural.

The Right Way to Educate – Do Traditional Educational Methods Work?

Early education may sound straight forward. There are traditional methods for education that were used on us all… but there are still children that struggle in school and get left behind. The question becomes, “Do these traditional methods work?”

The truth is, for a young mind, there are several methods that have a regressive effect. Drilling, rehearsal, even many educational games can result in a struggling child years later. Parents can become frustrated with the short attention span, and some never bother to begin early education, thus missing out on an  incredible opportunity for their child.


There is a delicate balance, and Be Smart Kids nails it. Look at the research, this program has figured out the equilibrium. What is most amazing of all is how this methodology can be wrapped into a single program! When you teach with Be Smart Kids, you only need to follow the steps laid out for you and the learning becomes natural. It is a step by step process, and if you follow the steps, your child will excel above and beyond.

Remember, the research shows the incredible benefits to the Be Smart Kids way of education… This way works, and incredibly,  it requires only one session/week. Additional sessions are neither needed nor desired, this methodology really works!


Confidence is key in education.  Confident children learn more naturally, succeed on tests and struggle less with new material. Confidence comes from a solid foundation, and Be Smart Kids gives that to children.

When you have a child in the Be Smart Kids program, you are building up confidence while introducing them to all the areas of education, including:

Language & Vocabulary
Math & Logic
Spatial/Visual Arts
Motor Skills
Second Language

What’s in the “Box?”

Be Smart Kids offers:

  • 750+ learning activities & 4 levels.
  • Designed to provide many years of learning
  • Activities for Motor skills
  • Spatial/Visual skills
  • Activities for Memory
  • Activities that improve direction following and attention span
  • Social/Emotional skills
  • Phonics – Vocabulary – Second language and sign language
  • Science, Math, Logic and Problem Solving
  • History

Children learn at their own pace. Research shows “Be Smart Kids” perform an average of 3 grades levels above their peers.

Why Wait?


The window of opportunity is from birth to ages 6. This is because as a child gets older new connections in the brain are made less often. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for your child to get these connections, making school frustrating and an up hill battle.

Don’t go at it alone or waste this opportunity. Don’t be stuck later in life having long hours of study and drills. Make learning easier. Do it now, when it only requires a short lesson every week!

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