West Pines Program

February 6, 2005

Blevins and Jancie Painter, a leader of Kids Can, Inc., thanked the Kiwanis Club for having provided $1,800 to fund a special educational program for 20 “high-risk” children –10 in Head Start and 10 in kindergarten — at West Pines Elementary School.

Kids Can is a non-profit organization that reaches out to local at-risk children with hopes of boosting their education in early school years. Painter said the program has received praise for the positive impact it has had on those 20 youngsters, who each received individualized tutoring a half-hour a week, using “Be Smart Kids” methodology.

Painter reported on some dramatic improvements both in reading and attitude among many of the children who received such tutoring.

She said it is hoped that the programs will be continued in the coming school year, but that this depends on obtaining needed funding.

Blevins said, especially during an election year, “Many people talk the talk of education, but not all will walk the walk. Jancie, with Kids Can, is one of those who has proven that she can walk the walk. Kiwanians can be proud of their contribution” to the Kids Can program at West Pines Elementary School.

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